Canyoning, rock climbing, via ferrata or via cordata on the french riviera

How do I book a tour with LESGECKOS?

Simple, just call us at +33675249340 or send an email at, you’ll be able to discuss with us to get the informations and choose the best activity for you and your friends or family. To help us you’ll need to have :

  • Name for booking,
  • Number and ages of participants,
  • Sportives capacities of the group (very sportives, just want to discover, not sportive at all…),
  • Is it the first time practicing or not?,
  • Where do you stay,
  • Your email and phone number with country code.


Except for the Gorges du Loup we always meet directly where the activity takes place, we have Google Map (Google Map Lesgeckos) for you to see that and every locations we’ll be detailled by phone or email.

Our office is in the Gorges du Loup (Syndicat Local LESGECKOS) :

We have all our equipment and we have a private parking, no parking problem which is a real plus considering the difficulty of parking in the Gorges du Loup, it gives us a very important asset to our competitors. Shuttle buses are organized by minibus to return from the descent of the Gorges du Loup canyon and this same shuttle is used to go back to the local.

What should I bring for a canyoning outing?

  • A swimsuit,
  • A towel,
  • A pair of good shoes with which you will walk in the water and the stones, it is necessary that they hold well with the foot (with laces) and do not have holes …

For the day canyons you will need a picnic in the form of sandwich and cereal bar that we will put in waterproof boxes, nothing fragile because the bags will be thrown into the water and sent in the slides …

What should I bring for a ROCK CLIMBING OR VIA FERRATA outing?

  • A sports outfit,
  • A pair of sport shoes,
  • Everything you need for the day in a small back pack, sun cream, mobile phone, camera…

Is the specific canyoning material provided?

We will provide you with a neoprene suit in 5 mm thick (we will have to communicate your sizes and weights), a harness and a helmet. The bags and food containers will be provided for the full day canyons.


If you can do without during the activity, it is safer but if you need to keep them there are two possibilities. Either you take a cord that holds well to not lose them, or you take a hard case to protect them on every jump and slide (you put this case in your suit).

Is there a boat for canyoning?

Do not laugh, we are often asked the question… No boat in canyoning, we walk down the river, and we cross the obstacles in rappelling, jump or toboggan …

Informations / Booking:  +33 6 75 24 93 40

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