We’ve got on the cote d’azur some of the best canyoning descent to discover. not hard but really fun…

From 7 years old in the Gorges du Loup or 8 for the others. Those canyons are also really great for adults or sportives groups baca&use the age limit is due to the fact that obstacles can be avoided easily. In the Gorges du Loup for example you have jumps up to 10 meters high… For those who want off course. Never have to if you don’t want.

Here is our selection of half days tours in canyoning on the French Riviera.

That means that the tour takes about 3 hours all included, 2 hours of activity in the water.

This timing is to give you an idea, it depends of the group, sometime it takes more or less, in the canyon of the Gorges du Loup there are different exits also.

You should have a look at our Terms of Sale

Canyoning in the Gorges du Loup - Water Hike - Lesgeckos

Canyoning Gorges du Loup – Grasse

Beginning at 7 years old if you know how to swim and walk in river between rocks. Every obstacles can be avoided easily but you have high fun stuff for those who want adrenaline, big jumps, slides and rappeling…

canyonING cramassouri – tinée

Beginning at 8 years old if you know how to swim and walk in river between rocks. No really hard things but this canyon is narrow so we can not exit until the end. If you don’t want to do some jumps we’ll have to use the rope to do thing like rappeling to get down…

Canyoning Gours du Ray - French Riviera - Lesgeckos

canyonING gours du ray – gréolières

Beginning at 8 years old if you know how to swim and walk in river between rocks. A nice canyon just a little bit further than the one of the Gorges du Loup, with everything like jumps, slides and rappeling…

  • sport shoes with lace, no open shoes,
  • swimming costume,
  • towel.
  • neopren wetsuit,
  • harness,
  • helmet,
  • bags and hermetic boxes for full days (for picnics).

By phone or email to get our availabilities.

To confirm booking we’ll need:

  • a name and a phone number,
  • the number of participants,
  • heights and weights of each of you for wetsuits (how high in meters and how many kilos).

We accept payments by:

  • cash,
  • check.

Payment has to be done the day of activity directly to the guide at your arrival.
We do not provide payment by credit card.

By booking you accept our terms of sale.

  • take a waterproof camera if you have,
  • we accept GoPro or else but on your own responsibility in case of injury or damage. Take your own mounts like chest harness, we don’t have mounts on our helmets, it is not allowed.
  • don’t bring expensive belongings as we’ll have to let them in the cars.
  • we don’t take mobile phones or camera in hermetic boxes as we can damage them…
  • if you wear glasses it’s better to have a leash.

-5€ for kids under 12 years
(proof needed)


You want to join one group. Just contact us to know our shedules.

Any advise, let's go !!! - +33 6 75 24 93 40