What is canyoning or canyoneering?

Canyoning, also known as canyoneering in some regions, is an adventurous outdoor activity.

Canyoning involves traveling through canyons using a variety of techniques such as hiking, scrambling, climbing, rappelling, swimming, and sometimes even jumping or sliding down natural water slides. Canyons are narrow gorges or ravines formed by the erosion of rivers or other water sources over time.
Canyoning typically takes place in areas where there are waterfalls, rocky terrain, and flowing water. Participants navigate through the canyon by following the course of the water, which often requires using specialized gear like helmets, harnesses, ropes, and wetsuits.
The activity combines elements of several outdoor pursuits, including rock climbing, hiking, and swimming, making it a physically demanding and thrilling experience. Canyoning allows participants to explore remote and otherwise inaccessible natural areas, including stunning rock formations, hidden pools, and beautiful water features.

Canyoning can vary in difficulty, ranging from relatively easy routes suitable for beginners to highly technical and challenging descents that require advanced skills and experience.

It is important for participants to have the necessary knowledge, skills, and equipment, and it is often recommended to undertake canyoning with experienced guides or instructors who can ensure safety and provide instruction.
Safety is a crucial aspect of canyoning due to the potential hazards present in canyons, including fast-flowing water, slippery surfaces, submerged obstacles, and changing weather conditions. Proper preparation, risk assessment, and adherence to safety guidelines are essential for a safe and enjoyable canyoning experience.
LESGECKOS is a guiding company since 2002, Lionel, the leading guide and his team of professionals  will guide you with safety on every spots we do have canyoning.
  • sport shoes with lace, no open shoes,
  • swimming costume,
  • towel.
  • neopren wetsuit,
  • harness,
  • helmet,
  • bags and hermetic boxes for full days (for picnics).

By phone or email to get our availabilities.

To confirm booking we’ll need:

  • a name and a phone number,
  • the number of participants,
  • heights and weights of each of you for wetsuits (how high in meters and how many kilos).

We accept payments by:

  • cash,
  • check.

Payment has to be done the day of activity directly to the guide at your arrival.
We do not provide payment by credit card.

By booking you accept our terms of sale.

  • take a waterproof camera if you have,
  • we accept GoPro or else but on your own responsibility in case of injury or damage. Take your own mounts like chest harness, we don’t have mounts on our helmets, it is not allowed.
  • don’t bring expensive belongings as we’ll have to let them in the cars.
  • we don’t take mobile phones or camera in hermetic boxes as we can damage them…
  • if you wear glasses it’s better to have a leash.
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