The canyon of Riolan is one of the famous canyon in the French Alps, it’s situated in the valley of Esteron, after the village of Roquesteron.

Depending on the time of departure we can really have a perfect clear blue water, so typical from this valley. Some narrow parts are wonderfull.

The water has a natural turquoise blue color because of the limestone which is so particular in the Esteron Valley

In this canyon you’ll have rappelling, walk, swim and jumps. Just a 5 mins walk to go to the departure of the canyon and only 1 min to go out, it’s perfect.

A wild, middle sportive canyon, this is what the canyoning of Riolan offers you.

This canyon is just close to the village of Roquesteron and Gilette in the Esteron Valley. The other canyons in this valley are the one of Cuébris or Aiglun.

Appointments are made directly on place of activity, our page Map of activities will provide you all the informations required.

For more informations about canyoning on the Alpes Maritimes, I suggest you to look at the leaflet Randoxygènes written by the Conseil Général des Alpes Maritimes (in french only) :
Randoxygene website for canyoning in the French Alpes-Maritimes

70€ each
65€ group price
(8 pers. or more)

Canyoning of Riolan - Esteron - Lesgeckos
Water jump canyoning of Riolan - Esteron
Canyoning of Riolan - Esteron - Lesgeckos
Canyoning of Riolan - Esteron - Lesgeckos
Canyoning of Riolan - Esteron - Lesgeckos

Any advise, let's go !!! - +33 6 75 24 93 40

Google Map canyoning Lesgeckos - Cuebris - Riolan

GPS Pont Charles Albert:
43°50’17.3″N 7°11’28.6″E
Google Map

GPS Roquestéron:
43°52’27.2″N 7°00’16.0″E
Google Map

From Nice - South

From Nice take the N6202 in the direction of Dignes – Grenoble. After Saint Martin du Var go up the same road and take on your left in the direction of Roquestéron at the Charles Albert bridge. Just at the exit of the bridge you have a roundabout with a small car park, you can wait here.

Find Riolan – Pont Charles Albert

From the Estéron Valley

Just go to the village of Roquestéron, we can meet at the car park in the center of the village.

Find Riolan – Roquesteron


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