The canyon of Barbaira is certainly one of the most beautiful canyon of the area.

It is not on the french riviera but just at the italian border close to the city of Vintimille. The name of the closest village is Rocchetta Nervina (Close to Dolce Aqua).

Only 45 mins drive from Nice, you’ll be amazing by the differences between Italian DolceVita and French Riviera.

Barbaira canyon has turquoise blue water like nowhere else, jumps, slides and abseiling. All you need, all you want for a canyoneering experience.

It’s a full day tour.
45 mins to walk up the canyon and a little bit more than 3 hours to get back down to the car.

To go further in the sport, I recommend the canyon of Courmes for the day also and more punchy.
You will find good information on the Barbaira Canyon on the Descente Canyon website.
As a reminder, in half a day you have the Canyon du Loup, the canyon of Cramassouri or the canyon of the Gours du Ray. If you want to explore the joys of canyoning a little more, go on a day-long canyon like Bollène, Riolan, Barbaira or Maglia.
For more informations about canyoning on the Alpes Maritimes, I suggest you to look at the leaflet Randoxygènes written by the Conseil Général des Alpes Maritimes (in french only) :
Randoxygene website for canyoning in the French Alps Maritimes

If you want to have a longer Italian experience you can plan to eat in one of the restaurants which are close to the car park.

See here the restaurants of Rocchetta Nervina on Tripadvisor.

75€/PERS. parties of 8 mini

Private 600€
(up to 8 pers.)
More than 8 pers. possible

Canyon Barbaira - Rocchetta Nervina
Canyoning Barbaira - Italy - French Riviera
Slide in canyoning Barbaira - Italy
Bridge canyon Barbaira - Rocchetta Nervina
Canyon Barbaira - Rocchetta Nervina
Rappelling canyon Barbaira - Rocchetta Nervina

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Google Map canyoning Lesgeckos - Barbaira

GPS Rocchetta Nervina:
Latitude : 43.889964
Longitude : 7.599657
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Directly in Rocchetta Nervina

We’ll meet directly in Rocchetta Nervina, on the highest car park (at the end of the road).

For Canyoning you'll need to bring:

Swim suits

Sport Shoes
With Lace

Dry clothes

For canyoning we'll give you:



Neopren Suit