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Following Storm Alex at the end of 2020

The morphology of the Cramassouri canyon has changed significantly following the storm Alex, for the moment there are no more jumps or large tobogan, gravel having filled all the basins. The descent remains possible with an alternation of walking and abseiling. The environment is still as beautiful and worth discovering …

The way down Cramassouri Canyon is the best between whitewater hiking and full day canyons.

On a half day, you’ll visit a wonderful place with jumps, slides and abseiling (optional).
This canyoning is just at the entrance of the Tinee Valley at about 45 minutes drive from Nice. From the upper carpark, the activity begins with a steep way down to the river which takes about 15 or 20 mins. From there you’ll get explanations for the technical part from your guide.

With friends or your family, you’ll appreciate the landscape and the blue color of the water in this canyon of Cramassouri.

After this briefing you’ll begin the way along the water and alternate walks, swims and jumps. No rappeling or abseiling needed on this way but we can do one for those who don’t want to do the last big slide.

This river is narrow and looks like the longer canyon we have here on the Côte d’Azur but without being to hard to get. No obstacle are really big or hard to pass. This descent is very nice to discover canyoneering or canyoning without stress.

Canyoneering is one the best sport activities to discover on the Côte d’Azur and the French Riviera


50€/PERS. under 12
50€/PERS. parties of 8 mini

Abseiling (rappeling) Is included

Private 400€ (up to 8 pers.)
More than 8 pers. possible

Canyoning of Cramassouri - Lesgeckos
Canyoning of Cramassouri - Lesgeckos
Canyoning of Cramassouri - Lesgeckos
Canyoning of Cramassouri - Lesgeckos

Cramassouri is a narrow canyon, easy and very nice.

If you haven’t try canyoning before, if you want something suitable, the canyoning of Cramassouri is yours…

For more informations about canyoning on the Alpes Maritimes, I suggest you to look at the leaflet Randoxygènes written by the Conseil Général des Alpes Maritimes (in french only) :
Randoxygene website for canyoning in the French Alpes-Maritimes

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Latitude : 43.931955
Longitude : 7.175704
06420 Tournefort

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From Nice take the N6202 in the direction of Dignes – Grenoble. Cross Plan du Var and after the bridge still go up on the same road until you see the sign to « Vallée de la Tinée » on your right. Turn right in the Tinée valley, cross la Courbaisse and go on for 1 km more. You can park on your right hand side on the car park on the side of the road.

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For Canyoning you'll need to bring:

Swim suits

Sport Shoes
With Lace

Dry clothes

For canyoning we'll give you:



Neopren Suit